E-A7 Tone Manager

Librarian/Editor Software

E-A7 Tone Manager

Librarian/Editor Software for the E-A7 Expandable Arranger

The powerful E-A7 Tone Manager lets you enhance your E-A7 experience with your computer. Librarian, editor, and sample creator functions are available for building user tones and drum kits, adjusting performance setups, and managing all your E-A7 tone data. Using the software’s intuitive graphic interface on your large computer display, it’s now even easier to customize and organize E-A7 settings for any musical situation.

Organize Sounds

Librarian mode in the E-A7 Tone Manager allows you to organize and archive E-A7 sounds on your computer. Via a friendly interface, you can import, copy, and sort all your user tones and drum kits. It’s also possible to combine up to 256 tones and 128 drum kits in Library files. This provides a great way to quickly reconfigure your E-A7 for various gigs and performing situations.

Edit Parameters

Editor mode provides multiple options for adjusting sounds and setups. All parameters are available at a glance, letting you create user tones and drum kits quickly. You’re also able to assign tones and adjust various parameters in the part mixer, work with global settings, and more.

Incorporate Your Own Samples

The software’s sample creator function offers the ability to import WAV, AIFF, and SF2 format audio files and save them in user tones and drum kits. You have access to many sample editing parameters, including start point, loop point, end point, and original key. You’re also able to use sophisticated functions such as zero crossing detection, start/end fades, and loop point smoothing to achieve professional results.


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